"Labor of Love Customer Relations Model" Increases Contract Annual Award Rate

By Drone USA, Posted in August 13, 2018

WEST HAVEN, CT / ACCESSWIRE / July 11, 2018 / Drone USA, Inc. (OTCQB: DRUS) (“Drone USA” or the “Company”), a service provider and reseller of drones and distributor of products to the U.S. Government, today announced that its subsidiary, Howco Distributing CT (“Howco”), increased contract award win rate by 449% through its Labor of Love Customer Relations Model.

Michael Bannon, Drone USA’s Chief Executive Officer, commented, “I couldn’t be prouder of our Howco team. In the late 1980s when my father started our family business, he taught me an important lesson. He said, “when a customer calls us they have a problem, their problem travels over the phone line and into our office. Their problem is now our problem. We solve it and it never goes back to the customer.” That idea is so central to what Lindsay has coined as our Labor of Love Customer Relations Model. We make our customer’s jobs easier by solving their problems.”

Matt Wiles, Howco’s VP of Business Operations, stated: “This happens because we don’t just sell parts, we build relationships. We could not do this without having great partners on the other end of the supply chain.”

Lindsay Somics, Howco’s Sales Manager, stated, “Matt and I have had quarterly meetings with one of our key suppliers discussing growth opportunities and making sure everyone is on top of their game to equally benefit all the players. I think the numbers speak for themselves.”

Contract totals for the last three years:

2016: $36,690.60
2017: $192,981.01
2018: $1,058,536.25

There were 52 contracts awarded to Howco since June 1, 2018, totaling $199,466.50.

About Howco Distributing Co.

Howco Distributing, a subsidiary of Drone USA, Inc., is a premier supplier of spare and replacement parts to a wide variety of Federal Government agencies, U.S. military prime contractors and commercial customers worldwide. Founded in 1990 and located in Vancouver, Washington, Howco’s services encompass bid solicitation, contract management, packaging and logistics for construction, transportation, mining and heavy equipment spare and replacement parts to customers worldwide utilizing a wide variety of supply chain solutions. Howco was the winner of 2017 United States Department of Defense Logistics Agency’s Commander’s Choice Supplier Award and the 2012 United States Department of Defense Logistics Agency’s Bronze Supplier Award.

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