4 Drone Trends to Look For in 2020

4 Drone Trends to Look For in 2020

By Drone USA, Posted in January 09, 2020

Now that drones are an established part of the workforce, it’s time to look ahead to what they may be able to accomplish in the future. Some companies are already pushing the boundaries for what drones can do, and as we head into 2020 we are sure to find some amazing new ways that companies are using drone technology.

Here are 4 current trends in drone technology that we believe will expand in 2020.

Continued Growth

2019 saw steady drone growth, and we think 2020 will show much of the same. Steady growth is good because it allows companies to carefully explore and intentionally implement drone technology in the best ways. Look for overall industry growth, but also further expansion within companies that are already embracing drone technology.

Better Consultants

As more companies begin to embrace drone technology, the industry becomes more selective about vendors and technology standards. This year, expect to see subpar companies fall off the map as true innovators and experts make their mark.

In addition, drone consulting teams - especially those with a background in U.S. security - will become vital partners with companies that want to expand their drone use.

A Familiar Sight

Although drones are widely used commercially, those uses aren’t often seen by consumers. Expect drone work to become more commonplace in industries such as agriculture, insurance, and retail, where consumers will see and even interact with drones more often.

Broader Regulations

Like any new technology, drones are not always embraced by the general public. Consumers are often concerned about privacy and may feel that a drone cannot perform as well as a human. Expect to see new measures to ensure personal privacy and safety, and to help companies build trust with consumers. Also, look for more consumer-facing human-drone working partnerships that show consumers how drones are enhancing everyday life, even if they don’t know it yet.

Whether your company is just starting to embrace drones or has been leading the way for years, 2020 is sure to be a landmark year for this amazing technology. Make sure you’ve partnered with the right experts to stay ahead of the curve and to ensure you are making the most of the drones that work for you. Reach out to our consultants for expert drone advice about all areas of drone technology.