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Drones for industrial inspection are the perfect alternative to human surveyors and inspectors when mapping services are needed in areas that are either too dangerous or impractical for humans. UAV mapping can be completed via drone, as drones for industrial inspection are agile, mobile and dependable. Drone inspection services can save your company time and money. Drone USA provides a full line of drones for industrial inspection and accessories. Additionally, Drone USA is ready to provide training for your company’s inspection needs.

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Inspection drones from Drone USA can be critical tools for the safety and productivity of your team. Drones can assist during building inspections, looking for cracks, wear and tear, heat loss, roof leaks, weak welds, loose bolts, and much more.

Infrastructure inspections benefit from advanced measurement of component shifts, rust impact, and deteriorating concrete. Geographic information system applications include LiDAR Point cloud classification, volumetric measurements, and runway approach obstruction analysis.

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We vetted the leading UAV training programs in the country and chose only the most qualified partners. Together, we’re dedicated to keeping our communities safe and providing unparalleled guidance and instruction. Our process produces nothing less than expert pilots, because our programs cover every aspect of drone proficiency — including studying, practicing, flying, and drone fleet management.

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