Drones and Construction Safety

Drones and Construction Safety

By Drone USA, Posted in August 12, 2019

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), also known as drones, are becoming a common feature at construction sites. These tiny technological workers can soar high for aerial views, squeeze into tight spots for better observation, and provide an extra set of eyes for large scale jobs. But far from replacing humans on the job, drones are proving that they can help construction teams work faster and smarter while also improving on-the-job safety.  Here are three ways drones can make your construction site a safer place to work. 

Avoiding Danger

According to OSHA, one in ten construction workers are injured each year. The most common cause of injury? Fall hazards.

In many situations, drones can replace the need for a human to scale a roof or climb scaffolding. And with added features such as thermal imaging and virtual reality, they can provide detailed, 360-degree views of areas that are potentially dangerous to workers.

Conducting Inspections

Inspections are a necessary part of any construction job, but some inspections are difficult and downright dangerous. If inspecting for, say, potential roof repairs, it can be difficult - and dangerous-  for a worker to inspect an entire roof for damage. Instead, drones can help to pinpoint areas that need work or repairs, saving time and helping workers be more aware of potential dangers. Drones can also squeeze into areas that workers can’t see or inspect, and can provide information about potential dangers that wouldn’t be easily visible to the human eye.

Added Security

Safety is about more than preventing falls and injuries on the job. Research shows that materials and equipment theft accounts for about $1 billion (!!!) in annual losses on job sites. 

Drones can be your trusted eye in the sky - and more. Use UAVs to scan job sites during the day for potential safety hazards and security risks. At night, drones can provide an added layer of security in areas where cameras have limited views. And random drone flyovers can deter would-be thieves from attempting to steal materials.

The Bottom Line

Drones can be a tremendous asset at any job site. They can provide an extra set of eyes any time of day or night, boost inspection strategies, and identify potential dangers hidden to the human eye. No longer a luxury, UAVs are a vital part of any construction team.

Don’t let your construction site become one of OSHA’s injury statistics. Avoid danger and improve your site’s safety by adding a drone to your workforce. Contact our drone experts to learn how drones can help you exceed safety regulations and boost job performance.