Drone USA, Inc. Appoints Dr. Len Harac to Drone’s Board of Directors

Drone USA, Inc. Appoints Dr. Len Harac to Drone’s Board of Directors

By Drone USA, Posted in September 19, 2017

Drone USA, Inc. (OTC Markets: DRUS) (“Drone USA” or the “Company”), a developer and manufacturer of low altitude Drones and related products, today announced that Dr. Len Harac will be joining the Drone USA Board of Directors.

Michael Bannon, Drone USA’s Chief Executive Officer, commented: “We are delighted to have Len join our board. Len spent decades helping businesses reduce costs, develop realistic and achievable strategies, increase revenues and ultimately produce attractive bottom lines. With Len’s guidance, Drone USA believes that it is heading down that path towards a more focused and achievable strategy, reduced costs, increased revenue and a clear path towards profitability. Len also brings a plethora of potential customers with his longstanding relationships with law enforcement – our primary market. In addition, Len advises TCA Global, our largest secured creditor, and was introduced to us by TCA Global.”

About Dr. Len Harac

As President of Harac Consulting, Len Harac has been providing strategic and tactical business consulting since 1985. Harac Consulting’s motto “We build bottom lines” defines their mission. Dr. Harac works principally with senior management in small to mid-size companies, ideally identifying and developing profit centers. His focus is on finding the proverbial “path through the trees” with respect to one thing – profitability. This entails a comprehensive business and personnel review and subsequent recommendations for improving efficiency and focus. Dr. Harac helps implement his recommendations by authoring a strategic and tactical plan and providing interim management to achieve the plan’s goals. The plan centers on key areas which typically require improvement, structure and management as well as identifying Angels or Strategic Partners who can help his clients achieve their business goals.

Dr. Harac has a wide range of experience over an array of industries. His extensive network of powerful strategic alliances, including angel investors, law firms, banks, C level industry professionals and financial planners, makes him a valuable asset to growing companies. As a long-standing member of the Angel Investment community, Dr. Harac has created a multitude of lucrative relationships between growing companies and angels, private equity firms, family offices, strategic partners and acquirers. Dr. Harac is an advisor to private investors, angel investment groups and small business executives. In many cases, he has reversed the path of companies seemingly headed for insolvency.


Montclair State University – BA Chemistry
Warren National University – PhD Business Administration


Pennsylvania Private Investors
Angel Venture Fair
TCA Global Fund
Private Office Resources
Essex County Chiefs of Police
Essex County Sheriff’s Department

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