Drone USA Announces a Reseller Partnership with Skyfire

Drone USA Announces a Reseller Partnership with Skyfire

By Drone USA, Posted in May 08, 2018

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Drone USA, Inc. (OTC Markets: DRUS) (“Drone USA” or the “Company”), a drone reseller, drone service provider and distributor of products to the U.S. police and firemen, and the U.S. Government, announced a reseller partnership with Atlanta-based Skyfire Consulting, a company that specializes in assisting police, fire and private corporations with filing Certificates of authorization and/or waivers with the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Michael Bannon, Drone USA’s Chief Executive Officer, commented: “Our reseller partnership with Skyfire enables us to offer a necessary and critical component of our everything drone strategy to our customers. Through Skyfire, we possess the ability to help our customers navigate the complex regulatory world of the FAA and file certificates of authorization and/or waivers. A certificate of authorization allows police, fire or organizations to operate their drones in restricted air space (class B, C, D or E airspaces) for a specific time period (i.e., six months) without having to notify their local airport each time they desire to perform a drone mission. We can also help our customers waive certain aspects of the FAA part 107 regulations, such as flying at night during a search and rescue operation, operating more than one drone at a time, and operating drones near crowds. Without an authorization or waivers, police would have to wait weeks for approval before operating their drones. During search and rescue where life and death is at stake, the police do not have weeks, they may only have hours. Both authorizations and waivers are critical components to a viable drone program.”

Paul Ouellette, Drone USA’s VP of Business Development and Sales commented, “All departments will ultimately need waivers. For example, a department performing search and rescue missions may need to fly at night or in restricted airspace. That is not the same for certificates of authorization. According to one of our police customers, departments where 15% percent of the town’s airspace is restricted will need a certificate of authorization. In Connecticut that is probably more than half of the towns and most of the cities. Certificates of authorization and waivers will prove an important part to any drone program. With our friends at Skyfire we now offer this service inexpensively and efficiently.”

About Skyfire Consulting

Founded by public safety professionals, Skyfire Consulting supports public safety organizations in all 50 states with cutting-edge UAV technology, and industry-leading expertise in certification, regulations, and training. Skyfire is the leading public safety-specific sUAS company in the country, offering organizations the equipment, flight training and ground courses, grant assistance, and FAA consultation necessary to establish safe, legal, and well-trained drone programs.

For additional information about Skyfire Consulting, please visit www.skyfireconsulting.com.

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